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How to Install a Solar Panel

If you live in Australia you know in most places there is plenty of sunshine to go around. This is why it makes sense to take advantage of the power of the sun. One way you can do this is by installing a solar panel or panels for your home.

The first thing you will need to do when installing a solar panel in Australia is to bury the conduit and then build a platform for it. You will need to bury your conduit that goes from the house to where the power area is going to be for the solar panel.

Once you have the conduit in place you then should build a platform that is made of concrete pillars and 4 x 4s that are meant to support your solar panel you have purchased from a dealer in Australia.

After the platform is done you should be ready to get started installing your solar panel. On the average for one solar panel, you will need eight 24 volt 110 watt PV panels that have already been pre-fastened to may your panel array. You will also need four 12 volt, 255 amp sealed batteries that will store your power for you. Lastly you need a 5500 watt power inverter and a 40 amp charge controller that can be installed near the electrical box. This system alone should make 35,000 watt hours of energy per month.

Once you have all of this you can then mount your solar panel to the platform. You will need angle brackets at the mounting points and the front feet need to be mounted first. Make sure to square the feet and put them securely in place.

You will need to use some meteorological data in order to know what the proper angle of the array should be and then elevate it and secure its rear legs.

Once you have finished all of this you can then wire the solar modules together and then put them together at a junction connector or a fuse combiner box. You should strip the modules and wire them in pairs before you connect them to a fuse box that should be mounted at the platform and then connected to the conduit that is under ground.

After all of this is done you will need to connect the exterior wiring to the interior control panels. You need to connect the solar breaker to the circuit breaker disconnect. This will make the energy flow from the disconnect to a charge controller and then into the battery bank where it will be stored. The energy will flow to a power converter where you can have power for your home.

You will need to run an electrical cable from the array into the home through the underground conduit. The cables will need to be connected to nylon rope for easier threading and then pull them through your conduit to the inverter panels.

You then can connect the cables to the fuse combiner box that should be located at the base of your solar array. You will first connect green cables to the ground strip and then the red cables will be connected to the PV out positive terminal block and finally the black cable is connected to the PV out negative terminal block.

You will need to finish your exterior work by grounding the system. Take a ground rod and tap it into the ground near the solar array. Leave the rod extending six inches above the ground. After you run the grounding wire, make all the proper connections on the inside by running the cables from the solar panel array to the inverter panel disconnect. The red is connected to the positive terminal, green grounding wire is connected tot he grounding terminal and the black is connected to the negative terminal.

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